Area of Concentration: Public Security, Justice, Conflicts and Citizenship

It concentrates studies which aim to offer theoretical and methodological tools available in new information technologies to assist in the formulation of diagnoses of social conflicts and crime. In addition, human rights, ethics, and citizenship will compose the concerns of social research, associated with the critical analysis of the contemporary configurations of Brazilian society and our historical experiences. Public Security will be studied in all its dimensions and its implications for democracy, citizenship. It will also focus the investigation of the ethos of public security institutions, of dealing with human dignity, of the value of life and of the possibilities of promoting solidarity.


Research line: Policies, Management, Human Rights, Crime and Information Technology

It studies prevention to the instances of formal and informal social reaction, the Prison System, its configurations, organization and administration, dynamics and costing. The knowledge of this Research line involves the social prevention of violence against drugs and youth, community crime prevention and violence, community police experience, violent deaths, gender-based violence, school violence. The reading of violence prevention will have a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach based on criminology, sociology, geography, statistics, psychology and education. It also aims to broaden and strengthen the activities of studies, research and training of professionals working in organizations of governmental systems of public security and criminal justice, the production and diffusion of knowledge in the area, modernization of security activities and processes, and criminal justice.